Is That Real Wood? Check Before You Buy

Posted By on Nov 11, 2023 in Furniture
When you’re buying anything made out of wood — especially furniture — it’s important to answer one key question: is it really wood? There’s a big difference between wood furniture and wood veneer furniture. While both have their place, especially for budget-conscious buyers, real wood is the preferred option. Here are some of the best [&h...
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A Blast from the Past: 1950s Furniture May Have a Place in Your Home

Posted By on Mar 3, 2023 in Furniture
The 1950s was a decade of innovation and creativity in the world of furniture design. Furniture makers really pushed the boundaries for the first time, leading to the sleek lines of mid-century modern to the functionality of minimalist design. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top furniture makers from the 1950s, highlighting [&hel...
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Tips for Dating Furniture: How Old is Yours?

Posted By on Nov 11, 2021 in Furniture
Do you have a piece of furniture in your home with no known origins? Are you wondering how old it is? There’s no one size fits all way for dating furniture, but there are a handful of tips you can follow to make an educated guess. Here’s what you need to know: •    Check for […]...
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Modern Tables are All the Rage

Posted By on Oct 10, 2020 in Furniture
Are you in the market for a coffee table, dining table, or end table? If so, you won’t have any problem finding hundreds of designs to choose from. Rather than shop online or at a local furniture store, take a strong look at modern tables designed by 20th century furniture designers such as: •    Gae […]...
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Are You in the Market for Office Furniture? Search for These Brands

Posted By on Aug 8, 2020 in Furniture
Maybe you’re in the market for office furniture for your home (now that you’re working remotely). Or maybe you need to furnish a space in a commercial office building. Regardless of your needs, don’t make a purchase until you’re 100 percent sure of what’s available to you. After all, you don’t want to buy sub-standard […]...
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Buying (Used) Wood Furniture? You Can’t Go Wrong With These Manufacturers

Posted By on Jul 7, 2020 in Furniture
It goes without saying that wood furniture has a place in almost every room of your home. So, as you search for that next special piece, you may find that wood is the way to go. But there’s a problem: high-quality wood furniture can set you back quite a bit of money. Adding to this, […]...
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Buying Furniture at an Estate Sale? Make Sure It’ll Fit

Posted By on Jul 7, 2019 in Furniture
When you buy furniture at an estate sale, there’s no taking it back. For this reason, you must be 100 percent confident that you’re making the right purchase. It’s easy to get so caught up in the beauty and good condition of a piece of furniture that you overlook the size. More specifically, whether or […]...
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Furnish Your Home Office at an Estate Sale

Posted By on Apr 4, 2019 in Furniture
Are you among the growing number of people who are working at home? Are you in the process of setting up a home office? As you clear space and consider the best setup, you may come to find that you don’t have everything you need. Fortunately, there are many places you can turn for furniture, […]...
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Tips for Buying a Used Computer Desk

Posted By on Feb 2, 2017 in Furniture
Have you ever shopped at a local store or online for a new computer desk? If so, you know just how expensive these can be. Fortunately, you have another option: you can purchase a used computer desk at a fraction of the cost. If you find yourself in the market for this item, there are […]...
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5 Things To Do Before Buying a Used Couch

Posted By on Jan 1, 2017 in Furniture
Are you in the market for a new couch? If so, you know that even the cheapest models can set you back quite a bit of money. Fortunately, you have other options. For example, you could purchase a used couch at a local estate sale. This is one of the best ways to get what […]...
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