Buying (Used) Wood Furniture? You Can’t Go Wrong With These Manufacturers

It goes without saying that wood furniture has a place in almost every room of your home. So, as you search for that next special piece, you may find that wood is the way to go.

But there’s a problem: high-quality wood furniture can set you back quite a bit of money. Adding to this, when you skimp and buy low quality furniture, you’re likely to be disappointed with the fit, finish, and stability of the piece.

On the plus side, you can buy used wood furniture, such as at an estate sale, to save money while still getting just what you’re looking for.

While everyone has their own favorites, here is a long list of wood furniture manufacturers that are known for their quality:

  • Baker
  • Kittinger
  • Henkel-Harris
  • American Drew
  • Ethan Allen
  • Thomasville
  • Kindel
  • Clore
  • Stickley
  • Hooker
  • Lexington
  • Kincaid
  • Suter
  • Councill
  • Hickory Chair
  • Henredon
  • Roche Bobois
  • Thos Moser
  • Maitland-Smith

Now, let’s check out some mid-range options:

  • Canal Dover
  • Gat Greek
  • Copeland Furniture
  • Harden
  • Keystone Collections
  • Mackenzie Dow
  • Manchester Wood
  • ODC Products
  • Simply Amish
  • Spectra Wood
  • Urban Woods
  • Woodcastle
  • Yutzy Woodworking
  • Zimmerman Chair

If you’re searching for used wood furniture, be selective during the purchase process. Focus on the quality and condition of the piece, while also learning more about the manufacturer. This will help you decide if it’s a good purchase.

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