Modern Tables are All the Rage

Are you in the market for a coffee table, dining table, or end table? If so, you won’t have any problem finding hundreds of designs to choose from.

Rather than shop online or at a local furniture store, take a strong look at modern tables designed by 20th century furniture designers such as:

•    Gae Aulenti

•    Kelvin LaVerne

•    Gio Ponti

•    J. Wade Beam

•    Milo Baughman

•    Angelo Mangiarotti

Adding a table from one of these designers to your home may be a dream come true, but there’s something you need to know: many of them are ultra-expensive.

For example, Mangiarotti was both an industrial designer and architect. This unique background allowed him to design some of the most stunning tables you’ll ever see. And for that reason, many of his originals have sold for $10k+. This includes an M1 marble dining table that recently fetched $14,080 at auction.

For those on a budget, keep an open mind as you shop local estate sales. Just because a table isn’t from a well-known designer doesn’t mean you should pass it by. As long as it suits your needs, give it a closer look. A modern table could be the right fit for your home.

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