Buying Furniture at an Estate Sale? Make Sure It’ll Fit

When you buy furniture at an estate sale, there’s no taking it back. For this reason, you must be 100 percent confident that you’re making the right purchase.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the beauty and good condition of a piece of furniture that you overlook the size. More specifically, whether or not it will fit in the intended space in your home.

Here are some tips you can follow to protect against this:

·      Measure your space: Before heading to an estate sale, measure every room that you think you may buy furniture for. Taking this one step further, create a quick diagram of each room with dimensions. This will give you something to look at if you’re pondering a purchase.

·      Measure your current furniture: For example, if you’re tossing out your old dining room table in favor of a new one, measure it before taking it to the curb. You can then compare these dimensions to anything you’re interested in buying, thus providing a clear view of how it’ll appear in your room.

·      Measure what you find: Don’t “eyeball” a piece of furniture, assuming that it’ll fit in your home. Instead, measure the height, length, and depth. After you compare these dimensions to your space and current furniture, you can make an informed decision.

Note: don’t forget that you have to transport the furniture home. Before buying, compare the dimensions to how much space you have in your vehicle.

There are many benefits of buying furniture at an estate sale, including the ability to save money without sacrificing much, if anything, in way of condition. As long as the furniture suits your needs, including the size, don’t hesitate to make your move!

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