Furnish Your Home Office at an Estate Sale

Are you among the growing number of people who are working at home? Are you in the process of setting up a home office?

As you clear space and consider the best setup, you may come to find that you don’t have everything you need. Fortunately, there are many places you can turn for furniture, equipment, and anything else required to work in a highly efficient manner from the comfort of your home.

But there’s a problem: buying new is often too expensive, especially if you’re required to take on this expense yourself.

If you need to furnish your office but don’t have an unlimited amount of money, consider shopping at local estate sales. Here are just a few of the many things you can purchase:

·      Work desk: Most people don’t need a fancy desk. As long as it’s in good shape and provides enough space, you can probably make it work. Keep an eye out for an all-wood desk, as these are sturdy and built to stand up to the test of time.

·      Filing cabinet: Depending on your profession, you may need a filing cabinet to remain organized. These are typically priced to sell, so if you find one you should be able to pick it up at a reasonable price.

·      Desk chair: A work desk does you no good if you don’t have a comfortable chair to go along with it. There are many types of desk chairs, so keep an open mind. Some people prefer a leather adjustable chair, while others are okay with an upholstered or wood variety. Tip: sit in the chair before you make a purchase.

When it comes time to furnish a home office, don’t rush to buy everything new. Instead, search a few estate sales to see what’s available. You may find everything you need, plus so much more!

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