No Stress Solution!

I have used Four Sales before when my father passed and I had quite the mess to deal with for getting the house emptied out.  A Realtor recommended Four Sales and that was a great choice!  They did an excellent job handling the sale, contribution to charities for things that didn’t sell and providing a nice detailed itemized list for tax purposes, and then removing all else, leaving the house empty with some clean up, all between a Thursday and a Tuesday.  It would have taken me a long time and lots of help to do all that.  And I wasn’t in the mood, too emotional to deal with it on my own.

This time I’m going to use them for my own Estate Sale as we are selling most items in preparation for a move to Florida where we plan to start over with new furniture, etc.  But to start, I found out that they also handle gun sales, so I provided them a few guns that I don’t feel like moving and they have access to an auction company that took care of those sales.  Easy.  I have sold guns before at the quarterly Chantilly Gun Show, but that requires having to pay to get in and then go find someone interested, all while not knowing the real value that I should sell the guns for.  This way, I didn’t have to worry about that because the market drove the prices through a bidding process, and it was very easy.  Next will be my Estate Sale, and it’s nice to know this time exactly what to expect to remove some stress!

Greg M. ~
Woodbridge, VA (May 2023)

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