Four Sales Removed A Heavy Burden

In July 2022 my dad passed away and my mom had to be moved to memory care for her advanced dementia. My sister and I were left to determine how to sell their belongings and collectables to get the best return, as the costs of my mom’s care was going eat into their savings pretty quickly.

We were referred to Four Sales by a member of my mom’s care team and are so grateful for that. Daniel Sanders was quick to respond and came to our location to review what we had.

We ended up following 2 paths; first a member of his team came and collected all of the lower value items and took care of selling them via an online auction (saving us so much time trying to sell ourselves) and second, we worked directly with Daniel to go through all the coin and baseball card collections. We received funds from the sale of the auction items and coins in just a couple weeks which really help with getting my mom settled.

But the big surprise came from the baseball cards. After reviewing the collection we were very happy to find that they could be worth as much as $20k. Because the cards held such value Daniel was able to have them professionally graded and sold in a specialized auction. Although this process did take a bit longer than the first sales, it was worth the wait. With Daniel’s help we were able to sell for almost 3 times our initial estimate!!!

Four Sales removed a heavy burden from us during a very difficult time and with tremendous results. I would not hesitate to refer them to my friends and family.

Pamela S. ~
Arlington, VA (March 2023)

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