#1 in the Greater Washington DC Area and the Mid-Atlantic Region

Pool Floats Galore!

Like laying out by the pool and soaking up the sun? Well, it’s the perfect time to stock up on pool toys and accessories. Pillow floats are all the rage, but often can be upwards of $300, however, their durable outer skin allows them to literally last forever. They can fit up to five people on them at once and often have matching floating accessories, like floating cup holders and ottomans. Pool toys like volleyball nets and basketball hoops can also be found at estate sales, and you could save up to half off! Brands like Brookstone and Wayfair are some of the most popular and durable brands of pool accessories.  New technology is being used for these rafts now, some that can heat your pool and even have radios built into them. Rafts that are made of foam are most likely what you want to look for since they are the most durable. Estate sales are the perfect place to find all of these great summer essentials.pool float

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