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Straight Talk and Great Business Practices!

20121112_110735The owner, Daniel Sanders, came and looked at a storage unit for me and made a list of my inventory.  He took a keen interest in my artwork.  He is straightforward and does not mislead you.  He made sure my paintings made it to special auctions and were seen by certain professionals so that I could earn the most money off of them.

They are usually ahead of time so if you need to be in a certain location to meet them plan to arrive early. They are very punctual, efficient, polite, great ambassadors for those of us who want to send items to auction.

Yes, there is a cost for them to take care of your business and it is a fair and reasonable cost. The owner, Daniel Sanders, is straight talking and will definitely take an interest in making sure you are comfortable with your decisions to downsize. He also makes sure to track you down if you move and forget to tell him. He is in the habit of following great business practices. Thanks, Four Sales! You made it easier than I could have expected and I appreciate it.

Diana B. ~Gerrardstown, WV (October 2013)

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