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Turquoise Jewelry and More!

Are you a lover of fine turquoise jewelry, vintage cocktail rings, or gold cuffs and bangles? Rare and custom items can be found at estate sales, they just may take a little digging! The great jewelry sells very quickly, so be sure to get to the sale on time and have your cash ready for spending. To make sure that the turquoise is authentic you can usually tell based on weight, its setting, and whether the stone looks polished and in good condition. Also, always remember that the elegance of the stones are typically based solely off of the brilliance of the stone itself- be sure to take into consideration that it can be polished. If there is a turquoise stone missing in the set of the necklace, you can get one to match perfectly in most cases. Native American jewelry is certainly both beautiful and rare, and squash blossom necklaces are a very popular design. The squash blossom beads are copied from the buttons which held together the pants worn by the Spanish and modeled after pomegranates.turquoise jewelry1  Vintage cocktail rings are wonderful heirlooms to pass from generation to generation. Why not try to find it at an estate sale, where you will have expert advice and many to choose from? Also, if you do find a ring and it doesn’t fit, remember it can always be resized and polished to your heart’s desire. You can find the karats’ value by asking one of the estate sale associates. A nicely paired item with a cocktail ring would be a wonderful fitted gold cuff or bangles. Perfect for any occasion, these fun and flirty accessories can also make a great gift. Most fitted cuffs tend to cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000, just solely based on materials used, etc. Find the perfect item to complete your favorite outfit at estate sales!

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