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That Twinkle in Your Eye Might Be Jewelry!

The Greater Washington DC area is host to an abundance of history and individuals who have lived their lives as world travelers. As a result, estate sales are always exciting because you never know what you will find. There is always something ready to be discovered and made new again.

Exploration is half the fun. Estate sales are a great place to find collectables such as dolls, fine china, porcelain, silver and works of art; let the history of the area and the individual’s life guide you to your next great purchase. Some of the best treasures at estate sales are beautiful estate jewelry – fine or costume depending on your taste.

It can be daunting to know what’s what, but doing your research before the sale itself is the best way to get a head start on other treasure hunters. Educate yourself on Bakelite, gold and silver marks, current market prices and what exactly is Trifari jewelry. Keep in mind that the pieces you find are not always antiques as antique jewelry is 100 years and older, but may be better classified as vintage in many cases. This jewelry could possibly be relatively new but have very little wear or be from a rare manufacturer. Take your time, browse and use the time you spent preparing for your outing to best advantage.

When buying very high-end items always make sure that you have the information that you need to make a safe and smart purchase. There could be pieces at the sale that are worth thousands of dollars, and it could be just what you are looking for. The Four Sales team is always on hand to help you find these treasure and will do their best to answer your questions, but keep in mind that all sales at an estate sale are “as is, where is.” In other words, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience when buying at an estate sale.

Remember – estate sale finds are not old or new, they are simply new to you!

NEWSFLASH – It’s a great time for gold jewelry since gold just hit a 1-year low.

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