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Mid-Century Danish Furniture

Mid-Century Danish furniture has sweeping lines, beautiful accents, and loads of personality in each square inch. Collectors from around the world try to get their hands on these pieces and many will pay any price to get the exact item they want. This furniture was generally not mass-produced and then only in small runs. Be prepared when scouting for these precious pieces to know who designed what, whether it is well made, if it catches your eye, and know average price ranges. Look at past auctions websites or blogs and notice the differences between the prices and why. Prices can range from a few hundreds to many thousands of dollars. Be on the lookout for a signature, engraving or label from the famous designer or manufacturer. A lot of furniture in this price group has been reproduced and there are less expensive knock-offs, so be on your game and talk to our team about what exactly you should be looking for. The knock-off should be a lower price, so do your research before making payment. Be aware that there is no comparison between Danish mid-century and American mid-century furniture. American mid-century was largely mass-produced and is significantly les expensive to acquire although many designs are replicas of their European cousins.

Testing the quality of the piece needs to be a careful assessment of the construction and condition of the furniture to help you determine the value, especially if it is a non-labeled or marked item. Is it wobbly, is the finishing still in good shape, look at the joinery, and the way it was put together. A mitered edge is a complete giveaway for the quality of the item, so keep your eyes peeled. Look inside the drawers and the overall smoothness of the piece. Teak, walnut, and oak are all common materials in the mid-century market, and many Scandinavian pieces are made from rosewood, or veneer, which is now endangered and very collectible. Just ask the Four Sales team any questions you have in order to make the best possible purchases to meet your needs.

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