What Makes a Good Piece of Furniture?

If you find yourself shopping for furniture, especially at an estate sale, it’s your job to know the difference between high quality and low quality.

Your opinion on what makes a good piece of furniture may not be the same as the next buyer. Even so, there are some details you absolutely need to pay attention to.

Here are three that deserve your attention:

1. Type of Wood

Generally speaking, there are three categories of wood furniture: solid wood, composite wood, and veneers.

If quality is on your mind, there is nothing better than solid wood furniture. It’s more sturdy, looks great, and is built to last. Not to mention the fact that it can often be refinished to restore some of its former glory.

While composite wood and veneers should not completely scare you away, keep in mind that it isn’t likely to hold up to the test of time.

2. The Springs

Typically, this comes into play when buying a sofa. If you want a soft feel, zigzag coils are best. For a firmer feel, traditional coiled springs are the way to go.

Regardless of the feel, you should remove the cushions and inspect the coils before buying. The coils should push down and spring back without delay. If these are slow to react, bent, or missing, it’s probably best to take a pass.

3. Check the Cushions

It’s important to inspect both the appearance and feel of the cushions. Even if they look good it doesn’t mean they have held up well. And of course, just because the cushions are in good condition doesn’t mean they will meet your style requirements.

If the cushions are in good shape, chances are that the rest of the couch is in similar condition. In the event that you find a small tear, for instance, ask yourself this question: can it be repaired? The answer may be yes.

Tip: cushions that are the same on both sides are preferential, as they can be flipped every few months.

These are just a few of the details to consider when shopping for furniture at an estate sale.

What else would you add to this list?

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