Awesome Estate Sale Experience!

There is no way I could have handled everything that Four Sales handled for my Estate Sale of my dad’s house. He had 45 years of “stuff”. They came in on the first day, rearranged the house items to best facilitate a sale and had everything priced by 4 pm. Unbelievable. Then they had over 1000 people come through the house selling a LOT of items but having warned me of things that may not sell. They were on target. By Sunday at 1 pm they had trucks backed up taking the best things left to donation and then another company come in right after that to clear the house completely out. Again, unbelievable considering how much stuff he had. All that would have taken me two months and I probably wouldn’t have made any more money by doing the sale(s) myself. We didn’t make a lot but I would have paid twice what we made just to get the house cleared out in order to get it on the market so much sooner. Awesome!

Greg M. ~
Springfield, VA (November 2018)

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