Effortless Estate Sale November 30, 2018

Working with Daniel Sanders and the Four Sales Team was effortless! They took care of everything and I did not have to worry about the sale while moving. Agnes D. ~ Alexandria, VA (November 2018) Related posts: Vintage Bathrooms – Hot Pink? Estate Sales – Attic Finds That Go Boom! Strange Estate Sale Finds

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Mark It Sold! June 8, 2014

Sale went very well,  sold almost all the large items, very professional. The company priced each item, was at the house waiting for people to purchase items. Danny C. ~ Alexandria, VA (June 2014) Related posts: Vintage Bathrooms – Hot Pink? Blow the Leaves Away This Fall How to Know when it’s Time to Sell […]

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Gone Fishin’ July 15, 2013

Summer adventures and hobbies range from staying inside and scrapbooking, cooking, organizing, doing crafts etc. However, the real fun begins when you are able to explore the outdoors and you get to enjoy the hot summer air. Many people head to the coast for great summer vacations, others hit the local theme parks, and some […]

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Faux vs. Real Fur February 13, 2013

Are you looking for the perfect fur? An estate sale is your haven, which a large variety of vintage furs to meet your needs. Though fur sales have been down in the past years, you are likely to find an amazing deal! Matching a fur with your outfit is the perfect transition from chic to […]

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Decorating 101 January 29, 2013

Decorating an apartment can be quite a daunting task; you have to keep everything in mind from color schemes, style, era, patterns, and just what you want your room to “feel” like. Decorating is also very expensive and timely process. The best alternative for your shopping woes would be to visit estate sales and find […]

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Vintage Vinyl October 1, 2012

Do you ever feel like getting nostalgic and putting on an old record? Growing up during the era of record players, 8-tracks, and cassettes; sometimes it would be nice to have the real thing again. iTunes and Pandora players just don’t beat that classic sound of a record player. Many of us have hundreds of […]

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