Blow the Leaves Away This Fall

Though the falling leaves are beautiful during this chilly season, homeowners everywhere are dreading the extra seasonal chore of raking them from their yards. However, there are alternatives; leaf blowers and similar attachments for lawn mowers that pick up leaves and shred them into compost. Some leaf blowers also have attachments to become snow blowers for the winter months, which is very cost effective if you are plagued by both of nature’s burdens. Snow blower attachments are not nearly as effective as a standalone snow blower (which can also be purchased at estate sales!).

Leaf blowers run from $50- $200 and brands to look out for are Husqvarna, Toro and Hitachi. They all are very reputable in outdoor tools and have great warranties to go along with them. The attachment for grass collection on the back of a lawn mower can also be used to gather and crush leaves. They run from $150 – $500 depending on the mower type and brand of the bagging attachment. For larger lawns or properties with lots of deciduous trees, look for backpack leaf blowers. They add a level of comfort and control for larger cleanup projects.

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