Designer Jackets for Fall

As the leaves change, the weather cools, and the sun sets a tad bit sooner each day, we realize that fall is among us. It’s time to pull out our jackets and scarves and trek through the brisk mornings and evenings to and from work. Why not be the most fashionable, while wearing vintage couture or exclusive brands like Burberry? Trench coats are exactly what you’ll need this autumn – they are versatile, trendy and office friendly. Make a statement this season by wearing a plush, light brown, knee length Burberry trench; they range from $750-$2,500. The price depends on what fabric the coats are made from, those made of polyester tend to run quite a bit cheaper, while cotton and tri-blends tend to be much more. Also, some of the coats are water-repellent and some are not, so keep that in mind. Additionally, the lengths, the cuts, hoods and lining all play a part in the pricing as well. Another great buy for fall is the Heritage Quilted Jacket that is lightweight and made 100% of polyamide. The timeless Burberry print lines the inside and comes in six different colors, one for every outfit!  Another option that is a little less expensive is the Burberry Brit Copford Quilted Jacket; it is a little less fitted than the Heritage Quilted but has the same look and design. Both jackets tend to run from $495-$695 based on style and color. Make sure to try on the jackets since the UK’s size charts are a bit different from US.  Estate sales are the perfect place to find these autumn Burberry essentials with quite a discount! To find more information about these jackets, you can go straight to the source, m1_952021

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