Red Wing Pottery

The popular Red Wing Pottery has been around since the late 1800s in Red Wing, Minnesota. It’s unique vintage red wing stamp was on everything that was produced from the company, including dinnerware, stoneware, artistic pottery and more. The design of the pottery is what makes Red Wing stand out from its competitors; the simple elegance of each piece will surely catch your eye. Most of the designs are very simple in size, shape and gesture and use colors like taupe, beige, brown, black or white. However, their signature colors are white and blue with the Red Wing stamp. The prices for the wares range from $20 to $2,000 at auctions; the pricing is based off the size and the condition. Estate sales are often a great place to find Red Wing Pottery and stoneware because it is often hard to find a full set altogether anywhere else. Red Wing is still in production just in much smaller quantities, but there is a new customizable feature that you can have whatever you want printed in the wares. Red Wing also produced lamps, dog bowls, mugs, full place settings and you can find replacement lids and other accessories on their website.,

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