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Finding the Perfect Camera

Are you an emerging photographer or just have a passion for photography? If so, this post could be some great news! Estate sales are the perfect location to find all of your camera needs from tripods and cases to great cameras from this generation and past. The main obstacle in most young photographers’ lives is finding the money to pay for the equipment necessary to capture that perfectly composed image. When popular brands like Nikon and Sony are half price things seem a little more within reach. You can use these discounts to even buy more accessories to help with lighting or any other obstacles that you may come in contact with during your hobby or career.

Also, for those camera collectors out there – estate sales can be heaven for you as well. Vintage and antique cameras as well as other photography items like enlargers and darkroom equipment can be found with some regularity. Better digital cameras are appearing more regularly, but the prize can be a classic Yashica or Minolta camera. On occasion you can find a great old Leica M3, M4, M6 or other. These housings will be a good deal compared to the blue book on them, but don’t expect to get them for free. A vintage Leica housing for $1200 is still less than half the collectors guide prices. Every so often you might even find a Rolliflex or Hasselblad large format camera. Be on the lookout for them because they are a rare find indeed.

Some have found items at estate sales that have been deemed as priceless in the photography world. Discover a new artistic realm for half the price. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a pro- estate sales are the perfect location to find the add-ons to your camera to make your art come to life through film or photograph!

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