5 Things to Remember at an Estate Sale

Just like with riding a bike, estate sales shopping gets easier and better with experience. Things like knowing what to bring, what time to arrive, and where to look are some examples. However, there are secrets that the pros have discovered over the years that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.
1.   Timing is crucial. Getting to an estate sale early is very important if you are searching for something specific and/or rare that you may have seen advertised by the company in advance. If you are just browsing, time is not as important- just don’t forget to look through every room! If there’s a line when the sale first opens, be patient. Rest assured that the staff is doing everything possible to get as many people into the house as quickly as possible.
2.   Bring a bag or box. Sometimes you will get to estate sales and find that there is so many things that you want to consider buying, if you bring a bag  or box it’s easier to carry your treasures home. Better estate sales companies will have a system for holding or tagging selected items and staff members to help. Keep in mind that if you take things off the market for any length of time, you are expected to purchase them at most sales.
3.   Make a list. If you are hunting for specific things at an estate sale, always make a list and prioritize because timing is everything. By prioritizing your sought items you will be able to go to specific rooms and areas where those items would be located, first.
4.   Ask questions. There is never a dumb question, understand what you are purchasing and ask about brands, styles, and/or model. Most good companies will do their best to provide informed answers but will also tell you if they don’t know.
5.   Have fun. Estate sales are a great way to find antiques, treasures, and collectables. Just have a blast and shop til you drop!
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