Blinded by the Flowers?

Buying furniture at an estate sale is a great adventure! Even though you know that the couch, chair or table that you are looking at there isn’t exactly the right color or pattern, these things can be fixed! Since the price for these items is usually great, certainly more affordable than buying them new, you can afford to ignore the colors and focus on purchasing a quality frame or an interesting shape. 

If it’s a good piece of furniture like something by Baker, Kittinger, Henkel-Harris or Henredon, make the purchase and have it professionally re-upholstered. Other brands to look for are Sherrill, Kensington, Stanley, or Laz-E-Boy. It’s worth the investment. If your budget is tight, furniture slipcovers can make a huge statement and cost-effectively cover that hideous, out of style, floral print with a great earth tone or pastel. The more character the couch has – shapes not colors – and depending on its shapes, pillows, and creases, etc; the more fitting and crisp the cover will lay. Spending more money on a couch cover is worth it most of the time because of the fabric and fit. There are also many options for chair shapes and sizes for covers. A great brand to look into is Sure Fit <> ; it has the highest durability and satisfaction rate of any other covers.

Don’t be fooled by what the couch looks like on the outside because you can always use a quick fix with a simple slipcover or a more lasting one by re-upholstering. Pay attention to the construction of the furniture, particularly for antique pieces which may not have brands marked on them, in addition to the brands. Quality is timeless.

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