#1 in the Greater Washington DC Area and the Mid-Atlantic Region

Vintage Vinyl

Do you ever feel like getting nostalgic and putting on an old record? Growing up during the era of record players, 8-tracks, and cassettes; sometimes it would be nice to have the real thing again. iTunes and Pandora players just don’t beat that classic sound of a record player. Many of us have hundreds of vintage vinyl records in boxes all over our homes when we were growing up, and have been either thrown away or gone missing after years of no use. Estate sales are the perfect place to find both the players and the albums that will take you back to your younger days. Brands like Emerson and Telex are known to be the most reliable, while Crosley and Jensen are known for their sound. As far as maintenance for these timeless pieces, you can go to a record store and they will most likely have to resources to fix them. Keep in mind to check things like sound, speed, and the needle before purchasing! We’ll talk about more albums another day.

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