Under Water Basket Weaving!

Longaberger baskets are the cream of the crop of collector baskets and can be found at estate sales. If you have ever seen one of these exquisite maple wood woven baskets, you know that they are incredibly well-made and very expensive. Longaberger also produces pottery, wrought iron, and fabric accessories; this company has always been family owned and operated. The average collector basket price is $75 and prices often vary greatly on size.

The Bentley Collection of Longaberger Baskets are delicately woven baskets with a beautiful cherry finish and are very exclusive. Though you can find these at some “Basket Parties” it isn’t typical. However, the wide range of Longaberger products that you are able to find at estate sales surpasses the selection and variety of the normal distributor. They are many times older issues from the company. Be sure to check for signatures of the individual weavers!

Look for the authenticity of the baskets by checking the iron seal on the front of the basket. Also, when looking at the fabric lining of the product, check the tags and stitching! Browse baskets that you may be interested in purchasing in order to narrow down your search at estate sales. There could even be authenticity papers that come along with the basket, but may be rare to find at these sales.

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