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FORE: Golfing on a Budget

Remember, the holidays are right around the corner and it is never to early to start looking for the exact thing you were looking for for someone special. You can find such an abundance of items at estate sales that you will have no trouble finding what you had in mind. Golf clubs could be the perfect gift for anyone- and all the accessories that go along with it. There are so many great brands to look out for when you are shopping; Callaway, a brand known for their reliability and customer satisfaction. The prices for this brand are ranging from $250-$750 per set. With this brand, saving money is a major deal, as they usually don’t go on sale. You could go with the sponsor favorite Titleist, a very expensive line of golf clubs. Prices for this brand range from $200-$650. You are more likely to find these at estate sales, due to their popularity compared to other brands.

Golf clubs can be expensive, and when you start adding the golf bag and caddy gear the perfect spot to find these items are at estate sales. Golf bags can run from $100-$500, but when you find them at estate sales you can really save a lot of money. Having a good durable strap on the bag can make a huge difference when carrying your clubs from one hole to the next, detachable accessories like this can also be found at estate sales for a discounted price. Find out more about each of the estate sales and you could discover that all of these items will be at the same sale- that’s one lucky day!

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