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Professional and Accurate

Last spring we moved from a large home in Great Falls, VA to a two bedroom apartment in New York City.  After talking with the owners of several storage facilities, we learned that most people put many of their possessions in storage with the belief that they or their children would one day need the items again.  Most people never ended up wanting nor retrieving their items from storage yet ended up paying for years of storage.

SO – we decided to give our things to charity and to sell some of them.  Daniel Sanders made the potential nightmare of doing this a breeze.  He was very professional and accurate, unlike some of his competitors whom we also interviewed.  He gave us realistic estimates regarding which items would sell and for how much.  We originally opted for an in-home auction but later decided to give a lot of furniture to family.  We had our possessions divided between an auction house and charity.  Daniel coordinated the entire effort.  It was completed in one day and our home was left clean and undamaged despite the fact that we filled up more than two moving trucks.  While the check for our auction items took a bit longer to arrive than we had expected, we did achieve the expected target sales amount.  Overall, we would most highly recommend Daniel and his Four Sales team and partners.

Diane & Scott Falconer ~
Great Falls to New York (September 2012)

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