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The Many Ways an Estate Sale Company can Help

verifiedmemberSo, you want to plan an estate sale? You have two options:

·      Do all the work on your own

·      Hire an estate sale company to provide assistance from start to finish

There is a big difference between planning an estate sale and planning and managing a successful estate sale.

With the help of a qualified estate sale company, you can be rest assured that every aspect of the event is in good hands.

Here are just a few of the many ways an estate sale company can help:

1. Make you more money. Let’s face it: your primary goal is to sell as much as possible. Not only does this remove clutter from your home, but it puts money in your pocket. Here is an excerpt from our website:

“The company consistently sells 90-95% of the value and 80-85% of the contents of each estate sale event.”

What more could you want?

2. Answer your questions. If you don’t have any experience planning an estate sale, it is safe to assume you will have a few questions. What should I sell? How should I price my items? What is the best way to organize the event? These are just a few of the many questions that will be on your mind.

3. Optional services. For example, we provide options such as consigning individual pieces and removing items going to charity or auction. Knowing that you have access to these optional services is a big benefit.

Even if you decide against moving forward, we would love to hear from you. Anybody who has an interest in estate sales is somebody we can help!

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