The Most Valuable PEZ Dispensers

To this day, you can walk into stores across the country and find a selection of PEZ dispensers.

While these dispensers will only set you back a few dollars, you never know if they’ll be worth much more than that in the future.

Get this: there is a large group of PEZ dispenser collectors who spend their time chasing after the most rare and valuable dispensers.

Here is a shortlist of some of the most valuable, along with a ballpark estimate based on recent sales:

•    1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B, 1982: $32,000 (never released to the public)

•    Vintage Walt Disney Goofy PEZ Dispenser, 1979: $2,800

•    Crazy Fruit Pineapple, 1979, $2,200

•    Make A Face, 1972: $4,000

•    Vintage Soft Head Captain Hook, 1979: $3,000

•    Vintage Mary Poppins, 1973: $800

•    Mickey Mouse Soft Head: $1,900 (never released to the public)

As you can see, the most valuable PEZ dispensers are 40+ years of age.

If you’re a collector — or want to get started — scour your house for any dispensers from the past. And of course, you can also search online and local estate sales for dispensers that fit into your collection.

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