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Time and Time Again: Antique Clocks

Antique clocks are timeless and have been collected as people pass on family heirlooms, discover them at estate sales, or even on the internet.

On the newer end of the clock spectrum there are some interesting clocks to look for like the popular Coca-Cola bottle clock and various Disney Mickey Mouse clocks. Coca-Cola bottle clocks have been in production for years; however the originals are the ones that are worth the most. It is hard to decide what an original is and what is not, so you must do a little research and see how to style of the clock has changed throughout the years. Make sure you keep an eye on the materials used. Another very popular collector’s clock is Disney’s Mickey Mouse, and just like the Coca-Cola bottle clock, the details need to be checked in order to see if it is a true antique.

Mantle clocks and grandfather clocks are both also collected, and are sought after collectibles. Some of the clocks seen most commonly are a variety of Seth Thomas or German mantle clocks. Grandfather and grandmother clocks are also common adornments in mid-Atlantic entry halls. German regulator clocks continue to excite the imagination of collectors as do figural clocks that are part of a garniture set.

Branded grandfather clocks hold their values very well and require only infrequent maintenance. It is worth hunting for these expensive clocks at estate sales because it comes with a built-in story and besides you will save a great deal of money.

Take the time to visit with us and we can help you find these wonderful pieces time and time again!

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