What are the Best Fine China Brands?

While you may never get to the point of using fine china every day of your life, it’s nice to have it on hand for those special occasions.

If you don’t have a fine china set or are interested in upgrading – regardless of the reason – it’s time to begin your search.

As you go down this path, you may come to find that the cost of a brand new china set is out of your price range. Or at the very least, it’s more than what you want to pay for something you don’t use very often.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: you can buy a secondhand china set, which gives you exactly what you want without the high price tag.

Before we discuss the best brands, here are some other points of consideration:

•    Quality

•    Condition

•    Number of pieces

•    If the set is complete

•    Style

Along with a focus on the above, always check the brand name before making a purchase (new or used). Some of the best include:

•    Waterford

•    Lenox

•    Williams-Sonoma

•    Noritake

•    Spode

•    Royal Albert

•    Royal Worcester

•    Royal Doulton

•    Johnson Brothers

•    William Edwards England

While these are some of the best fine china brands, don’t stop here. You may come across a set from another brand that has everything you’ve been looking for.

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