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A Dramatic Downsize!

TO:  Whom It May Concern


Having recently been faced at the age of 78 with a dramatic Downsize from our beautiful home on the Potomac River in Mt Vernon Va with 6400 sq ft and 1000 sq ft of storage area to a Continuing Care Retirement Community apartment of 1850 sq ft…my wife and I were overwhelmed with the expected trauma of what to do with 55 years of “Stuff/Treasures” we couldn’t take with us…so we interviewed four recommended Estate Sale Companies, visited their onsite sales and decided from our own direct on site  comparative observations at each sale that  the best would be “Four Sales”.

We were delightfully pleased that they exceeded our expectations in every way. They treated our home with respect, dignity, professional pricing and management of the three day sale as though all the contents for sale were their own personal property. When the staff found boxes with personal finance papers, they set them aside  telling me I should not allow Social Security numbers to go to the dump where they could be compromised…but should have the papers shredded instead. As opposed to a “Yard Sale, the staff found things that they brought to our attention saying “Do you really want to part with this treasure?”…all in our personal best interest. Several neighbors in the area came to the sale and called us to tell us how impressed they were with the “Four Sales” Team…pointing out that the on site manager, Mark…really was an outstanding leader of the extremely well run operation.

The staff greeted all prospective buyers with “Can we help you focus on your interests?” in a way that turned “browsers” into buyers. While we were advised by the site manager and the owner of “Four Sales” not to come to the house to see our home of 55 years deconstructed and potentially implode emotionally…we couldn’t stay away…and found all the above so pleasing and uplifting, knowing that almost all our treasures not sold would either go to Goodwill or several other charities instead of the dump…made our day.

Four Sales was assisted in the clearance effort by one of their partners. They did a great job helping to empty the home of the 15% or so of unsold items – especially knowing that less than 50% of every truck goes to the landfill. They do this by making low-end donations and recycling before the trucks head to the actual dump. Like the Four Sales team, they treated our home with respect and worked with us in a kind and caring manner.

So…if you want an Estate Sale that is run as a professional business in your best interests and ranks a Perfect “10”…turn to Daniel Sanders and his first class team…they will deliver!

Robert A Rosenberg
Major General USAF (Retired)

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