Boxes of Treasures

Are you a collector of newspaper articles, magazines, or books? Estate sales may be your best place to find your next prize piece. Many people store old literature in their basements, attics, or garages and often forget about them.  Therefore, when all of these things are rediscovered you could be the first to sift through years of printed history. First editions of novels or author signed and dedicated books are very rare, but considering the highly connected and educated DC area, they are that much more likely to be discovered. Newspapers from historic times in history such as the civil rights movement, presidential inaugurations, scandals, shootings, etc can not only be worth a lot of money, but could be an amazing conversation piece in your gallery or lounge. Magazines from the past are always a treat to look through because you can not only read about an event, you can observe the style, and appreciate the photographs. All three mediums can be found in the least likely places in a home, so browse all areas from basements and attics to guest room closets and chests. It may be a good idea to write down some key dates that mean something to you, so that you can dig in and go straight for the good stuff. When you find these pieces of history you should get it restored and framed because many non-lead based inks fade over the years or bleed; so be proactive!

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