#1 in the Greater Washington DC Area and the Mid-Atlantic Region

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Antique and collector toys are easy to find at many of our estate sales because they are something that usually are put in box in the garage after not being played with for years. They are the memories of years past and youthful innocence. Toys like porcelain dolls and collector cars are often worth the most money and can be often hard to spot since each type have not so obvious marks and characteristics that set them apart from each other; features like eyes and intricate painting detail are just a couple of the ways of noticing the authenticity of a toy. Collector trains were a hot item throughout the Atari Age, they are wonderful to purchase and refurbish to keep your fountain of youth alive. Lionel Collector’s Trains are often very heavy and the Lionel logo somewhere on the train, also you should inquire whether they are still in operating condition. If it is not able to run, you can get them repaired on varying niche collector repair stores and also have the option of being sent back to the manufacturer. These trains can be worth hundreds, and even thousands with the accessories included. Model and collector airplanes can be worth a pretty penny as well, a lot of toy planes made during actual war times are often the rarest. However, finding some of the rarest of items is the most fun and challenging and a great place to start looking would be at the estate sales in the DC Metro Area! There is so much political history and exciting things that happen in the city making the finds even more special! Finding authentic toys and collectables can be very hard to find, and you should always do your research before a purchase!

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