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We are from out-of-state and once we left, we did not have to worry about another thing. [Four Sales took care of absolutely everything for us and executed exactly as proimised!] Marcia M. ~ Arlington, VA (June 2019)  ...
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The Most Expensive Baseball Memorabilia Ever Sold

In honor of the start of baseball season, it only makes sense to talk about some of the most expensive baseball memorabilia ever sold. While you may never get your hands on a super-rare piece of memorabilia, that shouldn’t stop you from adding to your collection. Here is a handful of items that are not […]...
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How to Take Stellar Pictures to Attract Estate Sale Buyers

Posted By on Jan 1, 2017 in About Estate Sales,Estate Sales,Let's Talk
There are roughly 5,000 estate liquidators (although some sources, like a 2013 Market Watch article, state that there are as many as 14,000) throughout the country. The sheer volume of estate sales indicates that there’s an in-demand market for snatching valuable goods at a fraction of the cost. But it also means it can be […]...
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How to Always Earn Top Dollar in Estate Sales

Typically, estate and yard sales can be great money-making ventures. If you’re lucky, a great find can make you thousands for just a small investment. Finding the best items, knowing when to fix them up for resale, and understanding how to draw down the greatest dollar can make this a lucrative job. But understanding inherent […]...
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Tips for Couples Attending Separate Estate Sales

Posted By on Jun 6, 2016 in About Estate Sales
You can find great bargains, collectibles and antiques at estate sales. For example, when the estate of the President of the Venice Florida Doll Club went up for sale in 2014, collectors flocked from as far away as California for a chance to choose from over 1,000 collectible dolls along with vintage cookie jars, wall […]...
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Let’s Talk About Discounts and Estate Sales

Posted By on Apr 4, 2016 in About Estate Sales,Estate Sales,Let's Talk
As a very busy estate sales company, we often get the question, “Will there be discounts tomorrow” or some question like that. The answer is usually, “Probably, but discounting decisions are driven by the individual contract with the client and their input.” While there is a pattern to estate sale discounting, for most c...
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Estate Sale Cheat Sheet: a Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Posted By on Oct 10, 2015 in About Estate Sales,Estate Sales,Let's Talk
Estate sales will make you never want to have or go to another yard sale again. Estate sales are serious bargain heaven and a fast and efficient way to liquidate many items in a short period of time. That’s why you’ll typically see some of the savviest resellers and interior designers at your local estate […]...
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Why You Should Invest in an Estate Sale Company

The most uttered phrase after holding a garage sale must be “never again.” What starts out as a simple way to get rid of some excess junk turns into a weekend of organizing, advertising, hauling, dealing with early birds and bargain hunters who are incensed you won’t sell them a flatscreen television for a quarter, […]...
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How to Plan & Host an Estate Sale

According to industry sources, estate sales account for more than $100 million in revenue each month. The opportunity to clear out old belongings and earn extra money offers sellers a win-win situation. But figuring out how to effectively sell and take payments at an estate sale can be an intimidating process. It takes more than […]...
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Keep your Personal Information Safe During a Garage or Estate Sale

During the summer, garage and estate sale signs seem to pop up faster than a field of dandelions on a sunny day. While holding a garage sale is a great way to unload some of your possessions and make some extra cash, if you are not careful you might unwittingly sell some of your family’s […]...
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