How to Plan & Host an Estate Sale

According to industry sources, estate sales account for more than $100 million in revenue each month. The opportunity to clear out old belongings and earn extra money offers sellers a win-win situation. But figuring out how to effectively sell and take payments at an estate sale can be an intimidating process. It takes more than […]...
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Keep your Personal Information Safe During a Garage or Estate Sale

During the summer, garage and estate sale signs seem to pop up faster than a field of dandelions on a sunny day. While holding a garage sale is a great way to unload some of your possessions and make some extra cash, if you are not careful you might unwittingly sell some of your family’s […]...
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Selling Your Vehicle: Tips to Close the Deal With Parents of Teenagers

Posted By on May 5, 2015 in Let's Talk,What You Should Know
Many people are skipping the dealer and choosing to sell their used cars privately. Some of the target market will be parents who want to purchase a used car for their teen. As a private seller you need to learn how to close the deal with these parents and offer assurances that their teen is […]...
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Three Home Improvements that Deliver Great Value

Posted By on Apr 4, 2015 in Let's Talk,What You Should Know
When a remodeling frenzy hits a town, neighborhood or even a circle of friends, kitchens and bathrooms are often the targets. However, smart homeowners refuse to make a quick decision. They consider the lifetime benefits of any project, including the added convenience, pleasure, comfort and aesthetics as well as the increased value.These three dive...
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4 Ways to Protect Your Backyard From Mother Nature

You’ve invested a lot into your backyard, including time and money spent on designing, landscaping, cleaning and weed pulling. Hundreds of record-low temperatures are being set across the country as the Siberian Express continues to pummel the central and eastern United States. Don’t let the winter freeze ruin all your hard work. Use these tips...
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Top Tips to Protect Your Home & the Valuables in It

Manila folders, photo albums and plastic wrap—these were the typical methods used years ago to protect our sensitive files, family photos and cherished items. Of course, homes and their contents should be protected by lock and key, security systems and even a pet dog—but these may no longer be enough. Go further to protect for […]...
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7 Steps to Take if Your Home is Burglarized

Posted By on Feb 2, 2015 in Let's Talk,What You Should Know
A home burglary can leave you feeling betrayed. Even if you carry a hefty homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, there’s still a feeling of emptiness that can’t be explained. While it may take some time for the emotional wounds to heal, here are some immediate steps to take to soften the financial blow: Step 1: […]...
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Staging Your House To Sell

Posted By on Jan 1, 2015 in Let's Talk,Moving,What You Should Know
Staging a home for sale is not the same as designing its interior for day-to-day living. As sales people, we are creating a visual story that will ultimately result in happy customers. According to the National Realtors Association, to best sell a house, we need it to be neat, neutral and detached from emotion. This […]...
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4 All-American Guns for Collectors & Sellers

Firearms left to family members as part of an estate require a lot of paperwork to make a legal transfer. Depending on your state of residence, private sales can also be tricky, or as simple as exchanging the merchandise for cash. Before buying firearms from an estate sale, make sure you are familiar with state […]...
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Easy Indoor and Outdoor Home Improvements with Good ROI

Posted By on Dec 12, 2014 in Let's Talk,What You Should Know
When looking at making improvements to your home, one of the biggest factors to consider is your return on investment, or ROI. All projects cost money and the simple truth is that no home improvement is going to have a positive ROI just based on the way the home market works. But what you have […]...
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