Selling Your Vehicle: Tips to Close the Deal With Parents of Teenagers

Many people are skipping the dealer and choosing to sell their used cars privately. Some of the target market will be parents who want to purchase a used car for their teen. As a private seller you need to learn how to close the deal with these parents and offer assurances that their teen is purchasing a reliable vehicle.

Emphasize the Safety of the Vehicle

Parents of teens want to make certain the car they are purchasing is safe and reliable. As a seller, you should get your car checked prior to putting your vehicle on the market. Provide maintenance records, inspection reports, disclose accidents and answer any questions that the parents might have about the vehicle. Get a CarFax report and look up the make and model on the IIHS website so you can relay safety stats to the parents.

Keep the Car Clean

Even though it is a used car, buyers still want a vehicle that is clean and uncluttered. Prior to selling the car, empty out the trash, remove your personal belongings and vacuum the floor and seats. Take the vehicle for a car wash before showing it to potential buyers. If you can find the owner’s manual, bill of sale from the original purchase and other pertinent records, keep those in the glove compartment. Buyers want to know they are purchasing a vehicle that is not only clean, but from a seller who is organized.

Allow the Parents & Teen to Test Drive

You can’t tell how a vehicle runs without giving it a test drive. Let the parents take the car for a spin with their teen in the passenger seat. If the teen already has his driver’s license, let him drive too.

Show Photos of the Car

Parents might be concerned about what they can’t see. Take photos of the vehicle, including the engine, dashboard, trunk, interior and exterior. This will especially help for attracting interested buyers for your car. Multiple angle shots will help especially if your car is in good condition. It shows parents of teens that you don’t have anything to hide.

Allow Parents to Take to Their Mechanic

In order to close the deal, you might have to offer an extra incentive. Parents will naturally be protective of their teen and want to rely on their own source to confirm you are telling the truth about the safety and repair record of the vehicle. If they want to take the car to their mechanic, let them do so. When everything checks out, they will likely purchase the car from you.

Appear Professional, but Not Smooth

When you meet the prospective buyer, wear presentable clothes and shoes. As you talk about the car, be sincere, but not overly smothering. People generally don’t have a great opinion on car dealerships and sellers, so it is in your best interest to make the buyer feel comfortable.

Set a Good Price Point

Look up the Kelly Blue Book value of your car and check with local dealers about a reasonable price point for your car. Parents are likely unwilling to pay too much for a used vehicle they know their teens will exclusively be using, so try to come up with a price that is competitive, but will also appeal to buyers.

Private sellers can successfully sell their vehicles to the parents of teens, but need to make certain that they promote the safety and reliability of the vehicle. It might mean the difference between losing the sale or closing the deal!

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