Staging Your House To Sell

Staging a home for sale is not the same as designing its interior for day-to-day living. As sales people, we are creating a visual story that will ultimately result in happy customers. According to the National Realtors Association, to best sell a house, we need it to be neat, neutral and detached from emotion. This way, the prospects can fill it with their own hopes and dreams for decorating the space. Still, you want to avoid a completely empty space. Setting the scene with strategically placed furnishings and decor can help potential buyers realize the space potential of the home.

Prime the Stage

Long before a movie comes out marketing producers begin giving us little trailers and teasers. What advertising executives call hype and psychologists call priming. If you show people a collage of random fruit and say the word “yellow” to half of your sample, the ones that heard the word will find the bananas in the picture faster than the ones that did not. You will want to prime the prospect with all of the good things that you have staged in the home. Simple words like “warm” or “cozy” can prime a client to find the striking fireplace in the home. Place these words in your marketing and advertising material and use them before showing the home.

Control the Flow

You will want to command the flow your client takes within the home by staging the furniture appropriately. You can place the sofa and seats such that they look at a fireplace or large picture window. It may be true that most people are going to arrange their seating around the television, but in an empty house that may not be a selling point. Your staging does not need to be logical. It needs to create the focal point that will close the deal.

Create Emotion With Light

According to a study published in the Public Management Review, an emotional connection is necessary to move forward in the processes. Positive emotions in a client will help you close a deal. This is where windows and natural lighting come into play. Use high-quality window shades to control the lighting and set the tone for your showing. Open them in the daytime to get the emotional burst associated natural light and close them at night to make the home feel safe and secure.

Sell Happiness

Researchers have found that home buyers search for homes and neighborhoods that look like a happy place to live. Some material objects give the impression of happiness more than others. Create a blissful ambiance by incorporating decorative displays that exude positivity. For instance, fresh flowers and plants make a space feel vibrant and carefree. Another trick is to have fresh baked cookies in the oven, the aroma naturally triggers positive thoughts and happy memories. Be sure to eliminate clutter and deliver the message that this home offers a carefree and healthy lifestyle.

Live Versus Online

Keep in mind that the client will probably see the house virtually as well as in real life. When staging for the internet, do a walk through as seen by the camera. This should feel natural and lived in. Staging the home for online viewings with a virtual tour should be done when the house is clean but still furnished. The real life staging does not need to be identical, but it should be similar so that the client does not feel unfairly lured.

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