Guitars & More Music Shop Contents Online Auction! (Closing Feb 8)

Online Only Feb 2 - Feb 8
Lots start closing 6pm on 2/8/23

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All items won in the auction from out of state bidders will automatically be taken to the shipping store unless we are contacted. We can be reached at 540-738-2256. Items not picked up on Pick-Up day will become property of Pete's Auction Service unless prior arrangements for pick-up have been made with us. Please be sure to read all terms and conditions of the sale. Upon registering you are agreeing to abide by them. If you have any questions please contact us at 540-738-2256 or by email at

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Cash/Check/Credit 3%. Food & Facilities Provided. Not Responsible for Accidents. Auction website terms superced these terms and announcements on sale day take precedence over any written, advertised and prior verbal announcements. Buyer's premium for in-house bidders is 10%. Buyer’s premium for online bidders, when online bidding is offered, is 13%.

Guitars & More Music Shop Contents Online Auction! (Closing Feb 8)


Auction will be held online only!
Bidding now open


MUSIC STORE! Super selection of quality musical instruments and so much more! 500+ lots

On-Line Only

Preview will be Feb. 3 and 6 from 10-6 PM.

The sale will start closing at 6 PM Feb. 8th

Pick-Up will be Feb. 9th from 9-5PM at Pete’s Auction Service, 2858 North Seminole Trail, Madison, Virginia 22727.

All items won in the auction from out of state bidders will automatically be taken to the shipping store unless we are contacted. We can be reached at 540-738-2256. Items not picked up on Pick-Up day will become property of Pete’s Auction Service unless prior arrangements for pick-up have been made with us. Please be sure to read all terms and conditions of the sale. Upon registering you are agreeing to abide by them. If you have any questions please contact us at 540-738-2256 or by email at


On-Line Bidding Available Here


ELECTRIC/BASS & ACOUSTIC GUITARS: Warwick Infinity Bass Neck-Through 4 string, Dean V guitar made in USA, Zero Gravity Red Flame guitar, Dean Time Capsule Z made in USA, Spector electric bass guitars, Woodsong model DCE-BK/L guitar, Tregan Syren electric guitar, Dillion DDN-ST-612 T/ACT 6 & 12 string double neck electric guitar, DBZ Bare Bones Dark Angel electric guitar, Pono baritone tenor guitar & ukulele, Moser Wraith electric guitar, Highland Spitfire HEG-750, Guitars by Leo Legacy in Lake Placid Blue, Dean Edge 5 left-handed bass electric guitar, Washburn acoustic guitars, Oscar Schmidt by Washburn acoustic guitars, Washburn B17K-D banjo, Stadium electric guitars, Peavey Milestone BXP guitar, Stadium bass electric guitars, Dean Hardtail Select Tiger Eye electric guitar, Luna Fauna Hummingbird A/E Left-handed guitar with hummingbird inlay, Kay guitar, Gold Tone guitar model ABG-4, Oscar Schmidt by Washburn guitar with flag decoration, Custom electric guitars, Schecter Diamond Series electric guitar, Dean electric bass guitar, Dean Rhapsody 12 string bass guitar, More Dean guitars, Oscar Schmidt by Washburn bass electric guitar, Dean Deceiver left handed guitar, See through electric guitar, Galveston double neck bass & electric guitar, Samick Greg Bennett design LaSalle guitar, Cruzer by Crafter electric guitar, Washburn DD60 electric guitar, Washburn N61BK Signature Series Nuno Bettencourt electric guitar, Crafter FEG 780TM/VTG-V guitar, Dillion DVT 52 guitar, Dean Nashvegas NV SEL TAM guitar, Dean Nashvegas NV BKS guitar, SGP Tele-style butterscotch guitar, Tregan Firewick guitar, Hoyer HEG321WW White Wedding (White Lady) Deluxe guitar, Dean Evo Tiger-eye guitar, Dillion DWG-006 FR/ACT guitar, Tanglewood Crossroads TWCR O guitar, Soltero Dean Standard electric guitar, Fernandes Shin Series Vertigo Samurai 1 electric guitar, Tanglewood Crossroads OE acoustic guitar, Cort MR710F guitar, G &L Tribute ASAT Classic LH CO Series guitar, Rogue and Admira acoustic guitars, Stadium guitars model ST D-42, Dillion DF-900 ES natural acoustic guitar, Dean dobro bass guitar,

BANJOS MANDOLINS UKULELES & KEYBOARDS: Washburn banjo, Gold Tone banjos, Danville banjo, Oscar Schmidt banjo, Luna banjo, Kay mandolin, Stadium MA009 F mandolin, Kingston mandolin, More Stadium mandolins, Eastman MD305L mandolin, Oscar Schmidt by Washburn ukuleles, Peavey ukulele, Luna Bamboo, Vista Eagle, Vista Wolf, Owl, and more ukuleles, Penguin, Riptide, Amahi, and Kohala ukuleles, Casio CT-S200rd Digital Keyboard NIB, Casio XW-P1 portable keyboard, Casiotone CT-5200 keyboard New, Casio CDP-S350 keyboard, Casiotone CT-S200BK NIB, Casiotone CT-S200we NIB, Casio Privia keyboard, Casio MZ-X500 keyboard, Casio Privia PX-150 keyboard,

DRUM SETS & ACCESSORIES: Green Gammon Percussion set, Blue Stadium drum set, Red Stagg drum set and cymbal, New ddrum black drum set, Yellow-gold ddrum sets, Red drum set, drum set Dominion Series Ash Shell with seat 5 piece drum kit, Congo drum Dual head drums on stands, More drums, Stagg, Sabian & Paiste cymbals in many sizes, TKO & Bullseye drumheads, Pedals, thrones stands, mats, seats, Cowbells on stand, Tambourines

AMPS / SPEAKERS / MICROPHONES & MORE ELECTRONICS: Peavey speaker model PVX 12 2, Danville amps model TEC-40B112, Danville speakers model TEC 100ML, Powerwerks Personal PA NIB model PW505BT, Powerwerks personal PAs NIB model PW100BT, Korg Konnect Portable Stereo PA System NIB, Peavey amplifier, Powerwerks battery powered speaker NIB model PW40BATBT, Laney A1+ guitar amplifiers, Peavey Max 158 bass amplifier, Peavey Ecoustic 20 amplifier, Laney AH100 amp, Phil Jones Bass Cab 27 amp, Traynor YCV50 Custom Valve 50 All Tube Guitar amplifier, BBE Max Com Compressors Dual channel compressor/limiter/gate, BBE 882i Sonic Maximizers NIB, BBE 482i Sonic Maximizers NIB, BBE 382i Sonic Maximizers NIB, BBE 362sw Sonic Maximizer NIB, BBE Max-X3 Crossover NIB, Digitech by Harman Jam Man Vocal XT Stomp Box Looper pedals NIB, Professional Sound System DP-256 Digital Effect Processor NIB, Marshall amps, Stagepass Stereo Wireless In Ear Monitor systems NIB, Peavey PVi2 Cardoid Dynamic Microphones NIP, CAD Audio GXLD2QM digital frequency dual handheld wireless microphone set NIB, On-stage AS700 USB microphones NIB, Shure PGA57 Instrument microphones NIB, Shure PGA48 Vocal microphones NIB, Samson Airline 77 wireless guitar transmitter and receiver system NIB, Zoom H6 six-track portable recorder NIB, Zoom R16 Recorder: Interface: Controller NIB, Zoom Thunderbolt TAC-2R Audio Converter NIB, Peavey 16 channel lavalier UHF wireless system NIB, Peavey iSPD Pro power sequencer NIB, Peavey IPA 2000 power amplifier NIB, Peavey PVi 6500 powered mixer NIB, Peavey VypyrX2 multi-instrument modeling amplifier NIB, Kustom DE610H bass speaker, Peavey PV 14 BT stereo mixer NIB, Peavey PV 6 BT stereo mixer NIB, University Sound 100 watt mixer amplifier, Yorkville 50KB Power Combo amp NWT, Marshall Pedal 90005 footswitch NIB, Marshall PEDL-90012 2-way latching footswitch NIB, Marshall DSL 20CR amplifier, Marshall PEDL-90016 2-way latching footswitch, Burriss amplifiers, Burriss Royal Bluesman amplifier and accessories, Marshall Origin 50 amplifier, SoundTech AMP3 guitar amplifier portable music stations NIB, Marshall MC15FX compact amplifier NIB, Kustom KG412 Speaker cabinet, Soundboard, Grund Audio Design model AC-15 pair of speakers, EMG-85 EMG-40J and EMG-81 Pickups for guitar/bass NIB, EMG Select and SRO Series pick-ups for guitar/bass, Joe Barden Engineering accessory, Onyx Artist 1-2 Audio Interfaces NIB, Logjam Stomper NIB, Digitech by Harman Strummable Drum NIB, Outlaw Effects Palomino 4hp DC Power supplies NIB, On-Stage Gear KEP100 Expression pedal NIB, On-Stage KSP100 Keyboard Sustain pedal NIB, D&A Guitar Gear Hydra 6-legged instrument stands NIB, Onyx CR5-XBT 5″ MultiMedia Monitors NIB, D&A Guitar Gear Bullhead folding music stands NIB, Lots of New items! D’Addario O-port Acoustic Sound enhancers, Mighty Bright Pedal Board Lights, String Swing Hangers, Pro-Winders, Peg-Winders, Guitar Care kits, Pocket Tones Pitch pipes, G’Wax cans, Dr. Duck’s AxWax and String Lube bottles, Drum Off!, Aroma AHF-05 finger exercisers, Peterson TP-2 Tuning pick-ups, Pocketstrings Portable Guitar Practice tools, Instrument straps, Roll-Up Drum kit NIB, Rock and Roll-It Flexible Roll-up Piano, Tascam MP-GT1 MPS guitar trainer, On-Stage Products NIP: Keyboard covers, In Motion Stereo Bluetooth headphone, u-mount Combo Accessory Trays-model MST1000, Music Stands with tripod base-model SM7211B, Double-X keyboard stand-model KS7191, keyboard stand-model KSA7500, Bullet Nose keyboard stand-model KS8191, In-Line Audio stage snake-model SNK16450, Classic sheet music stand-model SM7122, Speaker stand-model SS7770, Tiltback Amp Stands-model RS-7000, exterior mounting brackets, Round mic base, New Cables, cords, and accessories from Hosea, Perfektion, PigHog, SignalFlex, GE, Quantum, Stagg, Monster and More! TrueTone and More; Midi cables, Patch cables, Speaker cables; Audio cables, Mic cables, 12v power adapters and More!, More New Items! Outlaw Effects Kerosene Mini Power Supply, Cardovox Boutique Guitar Effects, On-Stage MS7701 Euro Boom Microphone Stands, WD Music Products Premium Tuning Machines, Kluson accessories, Kent Armstrong pick-ups, Dunlop gauged brass finger picks, collectible guitar picks, Grover machine heads, Golden Gate picks, Tortex picks, East Top harmonica holders, Roadie lights, JamStands medium keyboard stand and bench, Strukture Promo Speaker Stand Packs, Strukture SASPK2B speaker stand sets, Pegs and pins, Hohner harmonicas and More!, New packages of instrument strings from Stay in Tune (SIT), DR, Fender, RotoSound, D’Addario, Elixir, LaBella, Dr. Duck’s, Ernie Ball, Guild, Power Groove, Cleartone, Eleca, Oxford, Play-on, John Pearse & more!, New Instrument cases and bags by Gibson, Kaces, Spector, Dean, Peavey, Oscar Schmidt, Stone, Triumph by TKL , On-Stage, and More, Flying V case, Banjo, Ukulele & more cases, Used instrument cases, Display banners for Peavey, Marshall Amplification, Krank amplifiers, Luna Guitars and Sierra guitars-Great for Garage bands and Man-Caves! Quiklok & more instrument displays and racks, Literature and merchandise racks, Royal Electronic cash register NIB, Album case, Surfboard shaped Ukulele display, Lots of new T-shirts, DJ-Tech Professional USB turntable, Instrument racks and displays, Martin backpack coolers, Books, Charts, and Instruction manuals for many instruments, CD’s, and DVD’s and Much More!


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