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Four Sales made our dreams come true!

Thank you Daniel!

Daniel Sanders and Four Sales made our dreams come true. We had an opportunity of a lifetime and little time to make it happen. In the space of a few weeks we needed to: buy and sell a home; downsize our furnishings by 60%; and make a five thousand mile relocation. Did we mention the destination wedding and a major three day federal holiday? Downsizing quickly became the long-pole in our relocation.

A friend said call Daniel Sanders at Four Sales, they specialize in whole house estate sales. With one call our issues started to vanish. Daniel came by and quickly understood our needs and potential issues. One by one he tackled our needs, explaining what and how they would be addressed. He explained the estate sales process from start to finish, managed our expectations and then accomplished what was agreed upon. From our viewpoint he and his crew made the whole process quick and painless.

We happened to mention to Daniel that we wished finding a good mover was as easy as finding him – enough said, within minutes Daniel had two moving companies calling us. Subsequently, between a mover he recommended and his company, we had the best and easiest move ever and we’ve had a dozen.

Rebecca and Michael L. ~
Honolulu Hawaii


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