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Gone Fishin’

Summer adventures and hobbies range from staying inside and scrapbooking, cooking, organizing, doing crafts etc. However, the real fun begins when you are able to explore the outdoors and you get to enjoy the hot summer air. Many people head to the coast for great summer vacations, others hit the local theme parks, and some pick up gardening or catch up on outdoor projects. However, there is truly nothing more fun than exploring nature while camping, hiking, or fishing – all of which you have to have the correct gear, especially for fishing. Considering there are many different types of fishing such as fly fishing, bay, or ocean fishing, you will need different equipment. You should also determine if you’ll be fishing from a boat or the shore as this will effect the supplies you pack. All have specific types of fishing line, bait, and poles that you should use for each outing. Estate sales are the perfect place to find all of these supplies and for much cheaper than you would normally find them anywhere else. Fishing line come in different densities based on what you are looking to catch. You’ll need a specific heavy duty pole if you’re fishing off a boat or in the ocean or bay. If you are beginner fisherman and going on your first trip (and its not too extreme), you can use basic baits and tackle. For more advanced outings, you’ll need fresh bait or something equivalent to live bait. With all of these supplies you’ll need something to carry all of it, such as a tackle box, which you can also get at an estate sale. Make sure that you get one large enough to keep all of your things in! 6103

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