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I Would Hire Four Sales Again In A Heartbeat!!

Four Sales consulted with me on what would sell or would not sell, helped with a pricing strategy, organized and managed a 3-day estate sell on-site at my property.

Today I received, by certified mail, my settlement package from Four Sales following a 3-day estate sale at my property. I received it nearly a week before I was told to expect it. I’m not surprised by the timely delivery. It’s in-keeping with the quality—always one step ahead—service provided by Four Sales.

When we first met with Howard (our rep) from Four Sales to talk about the potential of a sale, we were struck by his overwhelming desire to do whatever we needed him to do to make the process easy and painless. He took his time to walk with us from room to room, look at our things; take pictures, research values, and help us decide what to sell and what we should consider donating. We wanted to downsize from our 5-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom condo. Obviously, we had way too much to fit in our new home and needed to get rid of a lot of stuff. But that’s a daunting process. Howard made it easy.

Two days prior to the start of the sale our on-site sale manager Mark, and his team, ascended on our home. It was incredible. Within a few hours, this very caring group of skilled staff had turned our home into a department store complete with showcases, display tables, and a checkout area. Everything was organized, grouped, tagged, and priced. Throughout the setup, nearly every member of his team sought us out to compliment us on our beautiful home and belonging. They each thanked us for allowing them to come in and manage the sale. It’s as if they really understood how emotional and exhausting it could be to see one’s entire life’s collections going up for sale. The staff was comforting, respectful, and extraordinary in every way.

Near the end of the sale one the last day, when I arrived to see what was left, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The house was nearly empty. And anything that wasn’t sold, was about to be removed. Four Sales’ well-orchestrated process makes sure that every detail is taken care of. Charity trucks were lined up to collect any unsold items of value, and trash trucks were staged just up the hill waiting to remove anything else that remained. By the end of the process, the house was empty and broom clean.

Now back to that check I received. Daniel, head of Four Sales, sent me a check that is—and I’m not exaggerating here—about three times what I thought we’d get. In addition, there is a complete line-by-line detail of every item sold along with the selling price. He also included a detailed tax receipt listing all items collected by charity. I am blown away.

Would I use Four Sales again? IN A HEARTBEAT. Do I recommend Four Sales to others? Absolutely and without hesitation! These folks know their business and I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful.

Thank you Daniel, Mark, and Howard. And thanks to your entire amazing team!

Randy C. ~
Arlington VA (May 2014)

One thought on “I Would Hire Four Sales Again In A Heartbeat!!

  1. Thank you for your amazing review of our services and for your business! It was our honor to be of service to you during your transition into a new (smaller) home. Our team enjoyed your event and they will certainly be appreciative of your kind words.

    The customer response to your event was wonderful That was reflected in the financial results as you indicated. In any event, thank you again for your very positive review. It means the world to hear that we exceeded your expectations.

    Remember, the greatest compliment you can give us is to refer us to your friends and family and it sounds as though you are already doing so. Thank you!


    Daniel Sanders, President
    Four Sales Ltd

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