JK Can Help Move Your Parents

“JK Moving Services has over thirty years of experience and was winner of the 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award. Like Four Sales, they know the importance of handling someone else’s possessions. Today, our friends at JK Moving (www.jkmoving.com) share 6 Tips to Helping Move Your Parents.”

It can be a challenging time to move your parents from a beloved, lifelong home to a new city or to an active adult community. In fact, moving your parents into a retirement community or a smaller home can be stressful for all parties involved. To help with the move, here are six helpful tips that are easy to follow for a smooth move.

1) Create a list all of your belongings in four different categories.

A) Items to keep

B) Items to sell

C) Items to give away

D) Items to throw away

Listing all of the items owned makes it much easier to understand the volume and types of belongings and makes it easier to get rid of items no longer needed.

2) Separate items depending on their category.  You can go room by room designating items using sticky notes with the category written on paper.

It’s best to separate items within each room where they are located so the items do not need to be moved multiple times. You can simply work on one category at a time in each room of the house.

3) Limit what you have to move.

To control what you have to move, consider donating items to organizations or non-profits that will accept used furniture and household items or consider holding a yard sale.

4) Throw away any unwanted items

This can be tough for parents. They may want to keep handmade items from children or grandchildren. This is a wonderful gesture, but sometimes it’s OK to let go. If this proves too difficult a process, consider taking photos of the items and creating a photo album or scrapbook.

5) Pack up any remaining items and prepare for the move.

After the yard sale and donations, it will be easier to take an inventory. You’ll know exactly what needs to be packed, and what you have room for.

6) Contact a reputable moving company.

Do your homework. Ask friends, family, or your realtor for referrals and then get at least three in-home estimates. Go with a moving company willing to stand behind their commitment to transport the goods in a quality fashion, not one driven only by the price of the move.

One important note, many retirement communities have rules regarding move-in times. Make sure your moving company and the retirement community are on the same page when it comes to move-in times and process.

If you have any questions regarding moving your parents contact JK Moving Services.

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