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The Benefits of an Estate Sale, Part 2

If you need to sell off a home and it’s belongings, it can be difficult to watch your possessions, or the possessions of a loved one, being dismantled. There are benefits to using a professional estate sales company, but you should also have appropriate expectations.
An estate sales company will ensure that the home and its contents are treated with respect. The staff at the event will be able to control the environment as people come through the home to make purchases. Yes, there will be some normal wear and tear from a high volume of people passing through the home in a very small window of time, but when using professional help to manage a sale, that damage will be minimized. Visitors coming through the home will be supervised by someone on the estate sale team, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of the process.
When preparing for an estate sale, don’t count on everything selling. The level of “sell-through” is largely driven by what’s for sale, but even more by your choice of service provider. Good estate sales companies have a strong following and get a better percentage of the value and contents sold. Your estate sales company should be responsible, if that’s what you want, for clearing unsold items to charity and trash as appropriate. When they’re done, the house should be empty and clean.
Another option is sending your items to auction, which we will discuss in an upcoming post. Both can be useful tactics; it depends on what makes more sense and what makes life easier as you downsize and sell items.

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