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The Benefits of an Estate Sale, Part 1

If you are in the process of liquidating an estate, there’s the age-old question of whether you “How do I get rid of my stuff?” There are a variety of options available for selling personal property. Two of the best known are sending things to auction or having an estate sale at the residence.

When determining what’s best for you, lot depends on your needs, what’s for sale and how much of a hurry you’re in. Any time you need to downsize it can be a stressful experience – pick the option that will make it as simple as possible for you:  surround yourself with the best possible team of experts and hire a professional!

Estate sales, not to be confused with garage sales, are generally run by professional companies. The best of these companies are well staffed, have procedures, take care of setup, pricing, advertising, marketing, operation of the sale and cleanout at the end.

Estate sales are good if you have a lot of stuff including the good, the bad and the ugly, as everything takes place in one location, usually at the home itself.  It’s convenient and won’t cost you any moving fees.

More importantly, on-premises estate sales allow the seller to offer a wider range of items for sale from kitchen and household items to fine china, crystal, silver and porcelain. Professional estate sales companies will have experts to price all the items in the home to ensure that the best fair market price is achieved for each items. Estate sale prices generated are generally higher than those generated at auction, except for exceptional items. However, estate sales typically span several days, so if things don’t sell on the first day, the items are offered the following day at a reduced price.


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