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Three Tips for Shopping at an Estate Sale

Shopping at an estate sale can be an enjoyable experience, especially if you find a few gems that put a smile on your face.

But here’s the problem: many people don’t know what it takes to successfully shop at an estate sale. For this reason, they end up missing out on the best deals and/or shopping at the wrong time.

Here are three easy to follow tips that will make your estate sale experience more enjoyable (and successful):

·      Show up early on the first day: Estate sales are popular, so if you don’t show up early on the first day you won’t have first crack at all available items. Don’t be surprised if you arrive to find a line outside the home. The sooner you get there the closer to the front you’ll be.

·      Don’t wait to pull the trigger: If you find a must-have item, don’t wait to make a purchase. By the time you get around to it, it may be gone forever. Estate sale items are priced to sell, so there’s a good chance that the next person through will snatch up the item you had your eye on.

·      Visit on the last day for the best price on remaining items: By the last day of an estate sale, most of the best items have been sold. However, if any items are remaining, you’re in position to secure the lowest price possible. You may even be able to negotiate a better than advertised deal.

If you find yourself at an estate sale this weekend, keep these three shopping tips in mind.

Final tip: download our free guide on how to shop at estate sales.

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