Turning Formidable Tasks Into a Breeze!!

Four Sales cleared out an entire three floor, 4 BR, 4 Bath, single family home that included the belongings of an elderly woman who had been in the home 40+ years.  They took what could be auctioned to auction, what could be donated to charity, and what had no value at all (trash & junk) to the dump.  Workers took up old wall to wall carpet, took down old faded draperies, cleared out every cabinet and closet, the garage, etc.

Their service turned what looked like a formidable task into a breeze.  When my mother passed away leaving behind a large home filled with old furnishings, as well as junk she couldn’t part with,  I had no idea how many months it would take me to clear it out.  I had no idea what in the world I would do with it all!
I found Four Sales in and internet search and the owner, Daniel Sanders, stopped by the house one day when I was slowly, painfully clearing out cabinets.  He walked through and in 30 minutes determined that his team could come in and clear the whole place out in a couple of days.  And even make a little money on some of it at auction, as well as donate some of as a tax write off.  He and his team figured it all out.  All I had to do was remove from the house what I wanted to keep (mostly photos), and they handled the rest.
I am not sure I could put a price on what they did for me.  Amazing.  If you ever find yourself in a position of having to clear out an old house and it seems overwhelming, call Four Sales!
Whitney W. ~
Alexandria VA and Severna Park MD (May 2014)
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