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Turning Formidable Tasks Into a Breeze!!

Four Sales cleared out an entire three floor, 4 BR, 4 Bath, single family home that included the belongings of an elderly woman who had been in the home 40+ years.  They took what could be auctioned to auction, what could be donated to charity, and what had no value at all (trash & junk) to the dump.  Workers took up old wall to wall carpet, took down old faded draperies, cleared out every cabinet and closet, the garage, etc.

Their service turned what looked like a formidable task into a breeze.  When my mother passed away leaving behind a large home filled with old furnishings, as well as junk she couldn’t part with,  I had no idea how many months it would take me to clear it out.  I had no idea what in the world I would do with it all!
I found Four Sales in and internet search and the owner, Daniel Sanders, stopped by the house one day when I was slowly, painfully clearing out cabinets.  He walked through and in 30 minutes determined that his team could come in and clear the whole place out in a couple of days.  And even make a little money on some of it at auction, as well as donate some of as a tax write off.  He and his team figured it all out.  All I had to do was remove from the house what I wanted to keep (mostly photos), and they handled the rest.
I am not sure I could put a price on what they did for me.  Amazing.  If you ever find yourself in a position of having to clear out an old house and it seems overwhelming, call Four Sales!
Whitney W. ~
Alexandria VA and Severna Park MD (May 2014)

One thought on “Turning Formidable Tasks Into a Breeze!!

  1. Thank you very much for your very kind review! We are conscious that our efforts often make a difficult task easier and as a result makes a difference for the better in our clients lives. When a recent client expresses it in the way that you did, it truly allows us to feel good about the work that we do and to see the depth of the impact. The Four Sales team was absolutely delighted to have helped you in this difficult time of transition and to make that transition so much easier for you.

    Thank you for your confidence in us and your willingness to tell your friends and family about Four Sales. Your referral to a friend or loved one is without question the greatest compliment we can receive.

    Thank you again!

    Daniel Sanders, President
    Four Sales Ltd

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