Vintage Steiff Stuffed Toys Can Fetch Big Dollars

Mass-produced stuffed toys from the modern era aren’t likely to fetch any money on the secondary market. However, if you shift your attention to vintage stuffed toys — such as those produced by Steiff — you may be surprised to find just how much value they carry.

Steiff stuffed toys first entered the market in 1880, so you can only imagine how difficult it is to find some of its earlier pieces. Here are some sales numbers for Steiff stuffed toys from a recent auction:

  • Steiff dinosaur, 1959: $708
  • Steiff original teddy bear, 1968: $53 (missing original button)
  • Steiff alligator: $177
  • Steiff rabbit, 1973: $71
  • Steiff tiger cub, 1968: $106

If you’re in the market for vintage Steiff stuffed toys, there are two details to focus on:

  • Condition: Just like any collectible, the better the condition the more money the item is worth.
  • Button in the ear: This button distinguishes Steiff toys from competitors and imitations.

So, before you throw out those old stuffed toys in your basement, learn more about them. If they were produced by Steiff, it’s a good idea to learn more. You may find that an old toy is worth hundreds of dollars or more!

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