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3 Things to Do with Old Furniture

pid_13580-Amish-Furniture-Office-Furniture-Solid-Wood-Writing-Desk-with-Hutch-Top-clone--150Do you have old furniture in your home? You may be using some of these pieces while others sit dormant in a basement, garage, or empty room.

If you feel bogged down by your old furniture, now is the time to make a change. Here are three things you should consider doing:

1. Refinish so you can reuse. From tables to couches, there are not too many pieces of furniture that can’t be saved. Why not consider this option before you spend money on something new?

2. Sell what you don’t want. Did you know that many people purchase furniture at an estate sale? Not only can you sell your furniture at an estate sale, but it will give you the opportunity to get rid of other items you no longer want or need.

3. Give it away, throw it away. Before you put your furniture out on the curb for pick-up day, search around to see if anybody is interested in taking it off your hands. You may find that a family member or friend is looking for exactly what you have. It is better to give away a piece of furniture than to throw it in the trash.

Now that you have some ideas at your disposal, don’t hesitate to compare the pros and cons of each one before making a final decision.

If you decide that an estate sale is right for you, contact us to discuss your situation and to get a better idea of how you can move forward.

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