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5 Landscaping Tools to Buy at an Estate Sale

Do you enjoy doing your own landscaping work? From laying mulch to trimming bushes, you like everything about making your yard look its best.

Like any project around home, the right tools can make your life much easier. For this reason, you need to stock up on landscaping tools before the warm weather finally arrives for good.

Here are five landscaping tools to consider buying at an estate sale. Not only can this save you money (when compared to new tools), but you may be surprised at the quality.

·      Wheelbarrow. Every homeowner needs at least one high quality wheelbarrow, as this can save you time in the yard while also taking strain off your body. There are both two and four wheel versions, so keep your eyes peeled for the one that works best for you.

·      Hedge clippers. Let’s face it: those bushes and trees will need trimming every now and again. A solid pair of hedge clippers are something you can use time and time again.

·      Shovel. Even if you don’t plan on digging any holes this year, you never know when a shovel will come in handy. It’s good to have a couple of these on call.

·      Rake. Maybe you need to rake up dead leaves after a long winter. Or maybe you need a rake for freshening up your mulch beds. Regardless of the task, buying used is often the way to go.

·      Post digger. This is a specialized tool, as it’s not one you’ll use regularly, but it’s nice to have it on hand. You never know when you’ll need to dig a hole for a post, such as to construct a fence.

What do you think about these five landscaping tools? Do you have these in your shed, or are you in the market? If you need to make a purchase, a local estate sale is a good place to start.

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