Estate Sale Shopping Tips

1. Get to the estate sale early and come for the fun and positive environment. If you feel as though you need to be first in line, get there early. The Four Sales team will do everything possible to ensure that they will have enough treasures to go around. There will be so many things to look at and ask about when you get there, it is safe to assume people will be in the same boat as you. Most dedicated shoppers and/or avid antique collectors will be looking for something specific that they have researched prior to the estate sale itself. If you do get there a little late do not be alarmed, just wait your turn and go in, second pickings are often the best. Prices are always fair and reflective of an item’s value.
2. Do not let yourself look over diamonds in the rough, just because no one has chosen to buy an item doesn’t mean that it isn’t a quality item. The Four Sales team will ensure that the inventory is up to their standards, we didn’t get our reputation for nothing! Just because there is a little dust on something doesn’t mean it is ruined or needs to go unnoticed. On that same note, if there is a couple scratches on something, make it a weekend project and spruce up an old piece to the antique coffee table of your dreams.
3. Do not be rude while shopping with or around others. Though there might be a piece that you would just die over, do not act without tact. Make sure that you are cordial with all shoppers and with the Four Sales staff, we are just trying to help you find the best bang for your buck.
4. Estate sales are for everyone! Just because you are not the most experienced at the sale, do not let this deter you from coming and finding treasures. Estate sales are not just for antique collectors or dealers anymore. Many times, it’s the non-dealer shoppers that find the gems that are at our sales (the dealers are just too focused on the types of items they specialize in re-selling!). It is a great way to give new life to an item that is no longer used and could be the fresh air to your home.
5. Do have a handful of items in mind, but be thoughtful of the whole room of valuables. With your mind set on one thing in the room, you could be looking over many items that are equally as beautiful. Always have an open mind when going into an estate sale because you never know what you may find – the adventure is in the thrill of discovery of that piece that’s just right for you!


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