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Step Up and Lend a Hand

Dear Daniel and the Four Sales Team,

I appreciate very much Four Sales taking care of every detail of the Estate Sale, from organizing the house for sale, to pricing everything appropriately, to conducting the marathon sale itself over two weekends, and then policing everything up and making donations.

There was a huge amount of property to deal with, which seemed insurmountable to me, but was taken in hand by the Four Sales Team.  I had a chance to talk to your team members, and found them to be friendly, helpful, experienced, professional, and hard working.  I did not know what to expect, but found myself very pleased with the way Four Sales handled everything, as well as the result.

Thank you, and thank your team for me.  It was something I really needed some help on, and Four Sales stepped up and provided it.

Royle C.
Alexandria, VA (May 2012)

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